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Jackson Medical Products, LLC
Incontinence Doesn't Have To Be Uncomfortable!

Jackson Medical Products was created by Dr. Terry Jackson after his personal experience with prostate cancer and surgery. Dr. Jackson was unsatisfied with products that were currently available for men and he set out to create a product that would comfortably allow him to maintain his active lifestyle in comfort.

In September, 2010 the J Clamp was introduced as a substitute for men who were tired of dealing with the odor, sanitation and disposal factors of adult diapers. The J Clamp is unique in its design as it clamps the urethra only using a barrel that is adjustable. It is compact in size and there is no need to pull the pant down to urinate as it will fit through the zipper.

In October, 2011 the Male Urine Guard was made available for men suffering from light leakage or dribbling. The Urine Guard helps to fill a void in the market by being the first 'pad' that is customized for a man's anatomy.

At Jackson Medical Products our primary focus is on creating quality incontinence products to help ease suffering and allow men to get their confidence and lifestyle back. We always welcome your feedback in developing solutions that work for you. Feel free to give us a call at (877)-453-3531 or Email Us with your comments.

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